The Desk & Easel

319 W Main

Denison, TX


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The Desk and Easel

Coworking Space 

coworking What is it?
  1. Coworking is the antidote to working from a crowded, noisey cafe or coffee shop. 

  2. Coworking is the way to boost your productivity that has fallen off while working from home.

  3. Coworking is having access to the things you need to work your job without the cost of having to set up an office on your own.

  4. Coworking can save your home life and family time by giving you the needed separation between work life and home life.

  5. Coworking is a way to build community. 

Why The Desk & Easel?

  1. The Desk & Easel is locally owned and is in the Heart of Historic Downtown Denison.

  2. The Desk & Easel has different areas you can work from so you will never be bored.

  3. The Desk & Easel has an open studio space for creatives to work from.

  4. The Desk & Easel is membership based with NO long term lease.

Power User

Private Office

24/7 access


Lite User

Open Coworking Area

M-F 9-5


Daily User

Open Coworking Area

M-F 9-5


Meeting Room

Reservation Required

2 Hr Minimum



yOUR Way

Available options to scale your membership to fit your business needs.